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EMT - Recertification

Process for EMT Recertification:

  1. Review Policy #2100 for EMT Recertification and submit the following:

  • A completed EMT Application form
  • A completed EMT Statement of CE and attach copies of CE Certificates or - submit proof of completion of EMT Refresher Course (Include copy of Refresher Course Certificate)
  • A completed EMT-I Skills Verification form
  • Pay established fee.

A fee of $47.00 for recertification is due to Imperial County Public Health Department. This fee includes $37.00 for recertification to EMS Authority, and a $10.00 already established process fee for Imperial County EMS Agency. Do not mail cash. Please make checks payable to: Imperial County Public Health Department.

If criminal history report has not been filed with EMS, submit a copy of Live Scan Application Form to Imperial County Emergency Medical Services Agency.

Please call (442) 265-1444 to schedule an appointment for EMT recertification