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A. Retail Food Fees

  • Markets, Retail Food, Restaurants, Community Kitchen, Mobile Food Facility, Satellite Food Distribution, Commissary, Caterer, Cottage Food, Vending Machines, Temporary Food Facility (TFF), Certified Farmers Market (CFM), Late Submittal, and Re-score Inspection

B. Recreational Health Fees

  • Pool, Spa, Wading Pools, and Interactive Water Features.

C. Massage, Health Club & Body Art Fees

  • Tattoo, Body Art, Health Club, Temporary Booth, and Massage.

D. Plan Review & Construction Inspection Fees

  • Projects, EH Building Plan Review, and EH Water Potability Review.

E. Housing & Institution Fees

  • Detention Facility, Adult Court, Temporary Holding Facility, and Organized Camps

F. Liquid Waste & Sewage System Fees

  • Sewage System ,Sewage Health, and Septage Pumper Hauler.

G. Solid Waste Fees

  • Permit Application Review, Solid Waste Disposal Facility, Const/Demo and/or Inert Waste Disposal, Non-Hazardous Disposal, Transformation Facility, Composting Facility, Agricultural Composting Operation, Transfer/Processing, Tiered Permit, Registration Fee, Landfill Closure, Closed/Illegal/Abandoned Site, Planned Solid Waste Facility, Review of Permit Exemption, Alternate Daily Cover Review, and State Permit Exempt Disposal.

H. Small Public Water System Fees

  • Permit Application Review, Minor Plan Review, Community Water System, Non-Transient Non-Community Water System, Transient Non-Community Water System, State Small Water System, Food Faility Water, Technical Report Review, and Laboratory/Sample Analysis.

I. Dairy Fees

  • Dairy Farm, Annual Health Permit, and Laboratory/Sample Analysis.