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Changes for 2014 and Beyond.

Friday, May 30th, 2014


Come to our open house!

This webinar will discuss Assembly Bill (AB) 2109, a new California law that modifies the process for obtaining exemptions to required immunizations for school or child care based on personal beliefs.
This presentation will cover:
•        Immunization Requirements and Exemptions
•        When Documentation is Needed
•        How to Complete Required Documentation
•        Where to Find Additional Resources

The webinar will start with a short 13-minute video, followed by a moderated discussion with selected school nurses, and end with a live Q&A for participants to ask questions.

Who should attend: This webinar is offered to school and child care staff interested in learning about the implications of the new law. School nurses, school administrators, school clerks, school volunteers, health aides, child care providers and many others would benefit from attending. 

Can't attend? Register anyway.You’ll be notified once the webinar is available on demand. More information about the school law is available at .