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Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults (19 years and older) by Age and Medical Condition
Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults  19 years and older by Age and Medical Condition, click to view document

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Immunization for Adults

You’re never too old for shots! Your need for being immunized doesn’t end when at your adolescent years. Immunization continues whether you are young, adult or senior citizen, we all need immunizations to keep us healthy. The specific immunization you need as an adult depends on by age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions and type and locations of travel and of any previous immunizations.

Adult immunizations protect against diseases such as:

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Vaccine Safety

Research has demonstrated that the child vaccine schedule and combination of vaccine of vaccines are safe and effective.  Anyone who receives a vaccine should be informed about the benefits and risks of vaccination.  For more information on vaccine safety is available at:  CDC- Vaccine Safety

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