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Testing Available to the Medical Providers

Testing Available to the Medical Providers
Chlamydia Gonorrhea Test $ 54.00 
Pregnancy Test $ 15.00
Quantiferon testing to aid in the determination of latent or active Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection  $ 45.00
STD (includes VDRL & Chlamydia GC) $ 73.00
Urinalysis (UA) $ 33.00 
Syphilis testing, including RPR, VDRL, and FTA confirmation of reactive specimens

$ 27.00 

Mycobacterium testing, including primary specimen testing by GeneXpert® PCR, primary culture, isolation and identification of mycobacterium organisms, including but not limited to M. tuberculosis complex, M. avium complex, M. kansasi and other Mycobacterium species, susceptibility testing for M. tuberculosis.

$  *

Specimen management for drug level monitoring for primary drugs used to treat active tuberculosis disease.

$ * 

Confirmation of identification of enteric disease organisms, including but not limited to Salmonella sp., Shigella sp., E. coli O157:H7, Vibrio sp., Aeromonas and Pleisiomonas sp. 

$ *

Respiratory Pathogen detection by PCR

$ *
*Please contact the Lab for more information:
Imperial County Public Health Laboratory
935 Broadway, El Centro, California 92243
For information regarding Laboratory services please call (442) 265-1427.