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ICHVP - Community Advisory Board

The Imperial County Home Visitation Program (ICHVP), Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a broad-based group of stakeholder agencies and community members that have an interest in and a commitment to serving in an advisory capacity in the planning, implementation, and assessment of program related activities.

CAB serves as a forum for policy and procedure review, communication and resource sharing among community partners, troubleshooting strategies for program promotion, client recruitment/retention issues and as a venue for building collaboration. This group also assists with informing program operation and implementation, quality assurance/improvement, child and family advocacy and public awareness regarding home visiting, establishing interagency coordination, information sharing, and referral system coordination and utilization.

CAB has a formalized structure that includes a chair, co-chair, and secretary where the chair will be an ICHVP staff member, and the co-chair will be an elected CAB member (ICHVP screening site representative). The co-chair and secretary responsibilities and duration are for a period of one year.


  • CAB membership includes representatives with a wide range of skills, abilities, and provides a heterogeneous mix in terms of skills, strengths, community knowledge, professions and cultural characteristics.
  • CAB members are required to complete a Membership Form.

Meeting Frequency:

Meetings are held quarterly in conjunction with the MCAH Advisory Board meetings. Meetings may be held more frequently than quarterly if deemed necessary.

The ICHVP-CAB will meet the following dates:

The Community Advisory Board is comprised of the following agencies:

  • Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP)
  • Alternative Education
  • Arbor
  • BHS-Imperial Valley Community Recovery Coalition
  • CAP Council
  • El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC)
  • First Five
  • Home Visiting
  • Imperial County Public Health Perinatal Services
  • Imperial County Social Services
  • Imperial Valley Housing Authority
  • Imperial Valley Women's Clinic
  • March of Dimes
  • Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest
  • Project ACE
  • San Diego Regional Center
  • WIC

For more information please contact:

Yolanda Bernal, M.A.Ed.
935 Broadway St., El Centro, CA 92243
Tel: (442) 265-1370