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Safe Surrender Baby FAQ

  1. Who can safely surrender a baby?

  2. How does someone safely surrender a baby?

  3. Is this process confidential?

  4. What if a parent/guardian changes his/her mind?

  5. What happens to safely surrendered infants?

Surrendering an infant:

  • A parent or person with legal custody who is unable or unwilling to care for the infant can legally, confidentially, and safely surrender their baby that is 72 hours old or younger (three days old). All that is required is that the baby be brought to a designated fire station or hospital.

  • A bracelet will be placed on the baby for identification. A matching bracelet will be given to the parent/legal custodian.

  • The bracelets (baby and parent/legal custodian) are needed in order for the reclaiming of the infant.

  • A parent/legal custodian does not need to call a designated surrender site before delivering the infant.

  • The infant needs to be physically delivered to emergency personnel (fire department or hospital) at a designated site.

  • A parent or person with legal custody can deliver the infant anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a designated site.

  • The parent/legal custodian is not required to provide any information when surrendering an infant at a designated site.

  • Emergency personnel are required to give the parent/legal custodian a medical questionnaire that is designed to gather family medical history, but it is the parent’s/legal custodian’s choice to complete it.

  • Once the infant has been surrendered, the infant will be examined and given medical treatment at an appropriate facility, if needed.

  • Once the parent/legal custodian has safely surrendered the infant, they are free to go.

After an infant has been surrendered:

  • Under the Safely Surrendered Baby Law, a parent/legal custodian has up to14 days to reclaim the baby.

  • The parent/legal custodian may take the bracelet back to the safe surrender site to initiate the reclaiming process of the baby.

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