Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diseases passed between people when they have sexual contact. STDs are very common. But in many cases STDs do not cause symptoms, so people don’t know they have one. The most common STDs can be treated easily and cured.  Other STDs cannot be cured, but symptoms can be managed.

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Where can I get tested?


  • El Centro – 852 E Danenberg Dr. (760) 352-2257
  • Calexico -223 W Cole Blvd (760) 357-2020
  • Brawley - 900 Main St (760) 344-6471
  • Niland - 8027 Hwy 111 (760) 359-0110
  • West Shores – 1289 S. Marina Dr. Suite A (760) 394-4338
  • Winterhaven – 2133 Winterhaven Dr. (760) 538-3073

Planned Parenthood

  • 1463 S 4th St (442) 265-1386

Calexico Wellness Center

  • 420 Heffernan Ave Suite D (760) 270-9126


Can I anonymously notify my partner?

Informing your sexual partners that they have been exposed to an STD is the responsible thing to do. It may be difficult, but our team can teach you or do it for you. Just call (442) 265 – 1464 or you can also visit to send an anonymous email or text to let your partner know they should get tested.


Having an STD can increase your chances of getting HIV, learn more. To find out more about HIV Click here.

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is medicine that people at risk for HIV take to prevent getting HIV from sex or injection drug use. PrEp is a once-a-day pill and when taken as prescribed, PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV. To learn more click here.