Clinic and Provider Material

IMM - 75
California Immunization

Immunization record, yellow card

IMM - 662
ACIP Child, Adolescent & Catch Up Schedules
immunization catch up schedule
IMM - 324 C
Freezer Temperature Magnet
freezer temperature magnet
IMM - 395
2014 Timing Schedule
(Available Soon)
Immunization Timing schedule
IMM - 729
"We Got A Little Off Schedule" Deferred Vaccine Reminder Postcard (bilingual) 4"x6"

Vaccine reminder postcard

IMM - 403
It's time... 2-4-6
Reminder Postcard 4.25"x6"

vaccine reminder postcard with a bear sitting next to stacking number blocks

IMM - 744 E
WARNING Do Not Unplug Refrigerator! Label (for vaccine storage) 8.5"x7"

Do not unplug warning stickers

IMM - 542 P
DHS 8608 An Immunization Record and History Chart (pediatric)

Immunization Record and History yellow sheet
IMM - 542 A
DHS 8608 An Immunization Record and History Chart
Immunization Record and History yellow sheet
IMM - 780
Stop Disease: Card Stock and Cling-Ons 11"x8.5" (bilingual)
Stop Disease sign with steps
IMM - 784
Cover Your Cough
Table Tent 11"x4.25"

Cover your cough sign
IMM - 794
"It's Time" Postcard 4"x6"
IMM - 795
4-up Postcards for desktop printing 8.5"x11"
It's Time, desktop printing reminders
IMM - 863 E/S
Ready for 7th Grade preteen Dr. Visit Card 4"x6" (bilingual)
Ready for 7th Grade poster
IMM - 915
Talking with Parents About Vaccine Safety Flyer
talking with parents about immunization information sheet
IMM - 1016
Vaccine Safety: 10 Facts for Medical Assistants Flyer 8.5"x11"
10 Facts for Medical Assistants Flyer
IMM - 1082
VFC Sticker
VFC orange labeling sticker
IMM - 1114
State General Fund Vaccine Sticker
STATE general fund blue labeling sticker
IMM - 1121
317 Funds Vaccine Sticker
317 fund green labeling sticker
IMM - 1125
Refrigerator Temperature Logs (F°) Pads of 15 logs Included
Refrigerator Temperature Logs
IMM - 1126
Freezer Temperature Log (F°) Pads of 15 logs Includes job aid 11"x8.5"
Freezer Temperature Log
IMM - 712 D
Immunization Techniques 35-minute video
Immunization Techniques 35-minute video cover
Disclosure Statement
Disclosure Statement, click to view the document
Disclosure Statement Spanish Version
Disclosure Statement Spanish Version, click to view the document
Vaccine Information Statement (VIS)
Vaccine information statements