The process regarding volunteer applicants is as follows:

  • Individuals are invited to contact the Public Health Department to see if there is a need for volunteer services.
  • If an opportunity exists, the individual provides a current resume and completes the Imperial County Volunteer Application. Note: Page 4 of the Volunteer Application is filled out by Public Health staff and must be signed by the supervisor of the volunteer.
  • Once the volunteer has completed the Imperial County Volunteer Application, they are directed to the Imperial County Workforce office, also known as One Stop Business and Employment Services, located at 2695 South 4th Street, El Centro.
  • The volunteer takes the original application to the One Stop office and they are issued a volunteer badge.
  • Upon receiving their volunteer badge, they are clear to contact Public Health and schedule their volunteer services.
Last modified 03/11/2024 at 1:38 PM