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What is REVERSE 911©?

REVERSE 911© is the system that was selected by Imperial County in 2008 to serve as the Mass Notification System for the county. The Imperial County REVERSE 911© system has the ability to send voice, and email messages to residents during emergencies using a combination of phone database and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology. Using REVERSE 911©, officials can quickly target a precise geographic area of a city or the County of Imperial as a whole and potentially reach thousands of phone numbers each hour.

Intended Use: REVERSE 911© will be used to send the following type of information to residents: evacuation notices, hazardous materials releases, community policing activities and public health emergencies. The Imperial County REVERSE 911© database currently includes both listed and unlisted landline telephone numbers, but does not include cellular, Voice Over Internet Protocol or TTY numbers (except those TTY numbers that are set up as landlines.)

Will I be guaranteed to receive a call when a disaster occurs?

No. Many situations affect the delivery of a phone message. Examples include: phone lines down, power outages, hang- ups believing it is a telemarketer, not answering a call-waiting beep, not checking voicemail, overloaded phone circuits, or any other possible scenario outside of the County's control. During an emergency, residents will still need to monitor emergency messages by radio or television broadcasts in order to receive timely notices.

Registration for Cellular, Broadband phone service, and Voice Over Internet numbers:

Residents are encouraged to register their phone numbers online so they can receive messages in their additional phone numbers. To register information online, please visit the REVERSE 911© registration web page at There is no cost to register, the process is simple and it only takes a few minutes to complete. It should take about two days for your information to become available on the REVERSE 911© system. The registration page is also available in Spanish.

What if I do not have internet access to register my cell phone?

If you do not have internet access, the County of Imperial will host REVERSE 911© Registration days at no cost for county residents. Dates and times will be announced.

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