The image is a logo for Imperial County's 2023-2024 Community Health Assessment & Community Health Improvement Plan (CHA & CHIP), featuring a stylized tree with multicolored leaves within a circular border, with relevant text around the perimeter.


In 2023 the Department convened a partnership consisting of local partners and agencies for the purpose of updating the Imperial County Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHA/CHIP planning process consists of comprehensive data collection and assessments followed by a problem identification and prioritization cycle. The improvement plan focuses on building partnerships, monitoring health indicators, and identifying specific health issues as priorities. To inform the selection of our strategic priorities for the Department, the Forces of Change Assessment and impact targets outlined in the Imperial County CHA/CHIP are being reviewed.

For more information about the Community Health Assessment process please get in touch with Dr. Amy Binggeli-Vallarta, RD Planning and Evaluation Specialist, at 442-265-1335 or email at or Helena Whitney at 602-284-0185 or email at


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