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COVID-19 Dashboard Updates

We regret to inform you that our COVID-19 dashboard is currently experiencing service disruptions. Our team is actively working to address the issue and restore our regular update schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Variant Report

Variants No Longer in Circulation (Historical Data)

COVID-19 data is collected through different methods.The majority of the data on positive cases come through the statewide disease reporting system, CalREDIE. This system receives data on cases from both laboratories and health-care providers who conduct COVID-19 testing. The positive cases are then imported into our Public Health Dynamics data system where EPI personnel review data, add additional information as necessary and filter out any cases that are not Imperial County residents. As for the negative cases, the EPI staff extract this information from CalREDIE and compile it along with any reports received via fax from providers to generate a total count of negative tests.

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