Cool Centers and Hydration Stations

Camarena Memorial Library❄️💧
Mon.-Thurs. 12 pm- 7 pm & every other Friday 10 am- 5 pm.
850 Encinas Ave, Calexico, CA 92231
Heber Community Center/Library ❄️💧
Mon. & Wed. 9 am- 5:30 pm. Fri. 10 am - 2 pm
1132 Heber Ave, Heber, CA 92249
Imperial County Holtville Library❄️💧
Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5:30 pm. Closed 12-1 pm.
101 E 6th St, Holtville, CA 92250
Holtville City Hall❄️💧
Mon. - Fri. 7 am - 5:30 pm. Closed 12-1 pm.
121 W 5th St, Holtville, CA 92250
Imperial County Calipatria Library❄️💧
Mon.-Fri. 9 am- 5:30pm. Closed 1 pm- 2 pm.
105 S Lake Ave, Calipatria, CA 92233
Imperial Valley Mall Food Court❄️💧
Mon.- Thur. 10 am- 8 pm & Sunday 11am-7 pm
3451 Dogwood Rd, El Centro, CA 92243
Catholic Charities ❄️💧
Mon.-Sun. 8:30am-4:30pm This facility serves people who are unhoused. Transportation to and from the Day Center may be available, please call for more information
250 W Orange Ave, El Centro, CA 92243
Imperial Valley Desert Museum❄️💧
Wed. - Sun. 10 am- 4 pm
11 Frontage Rd, Ocotillo, CA 92259
Imperial Public Library❄️💧
Mon.-Thurs. 10 am- 7 pm & Friday 8 am- 5 pm.
200 W 9th St, Imperial, CA 92251
Imperial County Fire Station #7 ❄️💧
Mon. - Sun. 10 am - 6pm, Please call ahead to confirm if the site will be open. Hydration station is dependent on staff availability.
8071 Luxor Ave., Niland, Ca 92251

Hydration Station

Brawley Public Library💧
Wed-Fri 10am-1pm,2pm-6pm closed 12pm-1pm
400 Main St, Ste 1, Brawley, CA 92227
Brawley Public Library - Del Rio Branch💧
Mon-Tues 10 am-1 pm, 2 pm - 6pm, Closed 1 pm-2 pm
1501 I St, Brawley, CA 92227
Bombay Beach Community Center💧
Please call ahead to confirm if the site will be open. Hydration station is dependent on staff availability.
9590 Avenue C, Niland, CA92257

Cool Centers

State Street Bus Stop❄️
Misters will be activated from 11am to 8pm, Daily. 
W. State St and S. 7th St, El Centro, CA 92243
Calexico Neighborhood House❄️
Mon. - Sun. 10am - 6pm
426 E. Fourth St, Calexico, CA 92231

Location Legend

❄️ Is a location that serves as a cooling station

💧Is a location that serves as a Hydration Station

❄️💧Is a location that serves both as a Cooling Station and Hydration Station

Cool Center and Hydration Locator

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Protect yourself during extreme hot weather

There are several steps individuals can take to protect themselves during extreme hot weather. Residents are urged to take precautionary measures to prevent heat-related illnesses, such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. These steps include:

  • Dress in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing,
  • Drink a variety of fluids, including water, fruit juice, and sports drinks,
  • Check on neighbors, especially seniors, children, and neighbors who live alone,
  • Keep physical activities to a minimum during the hottest part of the day,
  • Stay indoors and out of the sun during the hottest part of the day,
  • Use fans as appropriate,
  • Use cool showers, baths, misting and washcloths,
  • Avoid hot foods and heavy meals.

Individuals are advised to stay indoors with cool air during the hottest hours of the day and be even more vigilant when they do spend time outdoors.

The County of Imperial has established local hydration stations where drinking water will be available during extreme heat events.  Local cities are establishing their own interventions for extreme heat events this summer.  If you have a question related to the availability of hydration/comfort stations in your city, please contact your city officials.  

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