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Solid Waste Facilities

To locate a Solid Waste Facility near you, please visit the Solid Waste Information System.


Imperial County Disposal Sites are listed below:

County Residents Disposal Sites
133 W Hwy 98 Calexico, CA 92231
East of Hammers Road on Highway 98 Approximately 3 miles west of Calexico  
Wednesday & Saturday 7am-4pm
2678 Whitlock Road Holtville, CA 92250
Tuesday & Saturday 7am-4pm 
Hot Spa 
10466 Spa Road Niland, CA 92257
Spa Road west of Frink Road
Saturdays 8am-1pm
1705 W Worthington Road Imperial, CA 92251
3 miles west of Forrester Road on Worthington Road 
Wednesdays & Saturdays 8am-2pm 
8450 Cuff Road Niland, CA 92257
Cuff Road north of Beal Road
Thursday & Saturday 8am-4pm
1802 Shell Canyon Rd. Ocotillo, CA 92259
Shell Canyon Road north of Ocotillo
Sunday & Monday 8am-4pm 
Palo Verde
589 Stallard Road Palo Verde, CA 92266
Stallard Road approximaely 3 miles south of Palo Verde
Sunday & Monday 7am-4pm
Salton City 
935 W Highway 86 Salton City, CA 92275
Operated by Burtec Industries. South of S22 and west of Hwy 86
Monday to Saturday 7am-5pm

City Residents Disposal Sites

Calipatria, El Centro, Heber, Holtville,& Westmorland 
CR&R 599 E. Main St. El Centro CA 92243
Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, except holidays 
Not accepted: Hazardous waste, liquid waste, special waste, automobile parts, CR&R carts with trash for public dumping, plywood or construction material 
Curbside: resdidential up to once a week. Customers are entitled to 3 bulky item pick-ups free of charge per calendar yar of four items per pick up. 
*ID and water bill with matching address are required 
Salton Sea area
Burrtec 935 W. Hwy 86 Salton City, CA
Monday to Saturday, 7am-5pm, except holidays 
Cost: Less than 775 lbs per week, ID and water bill with matchin gaddress, non-customer $35 a ton fee
Curbside: None offered
Calexico, Imperial, & Brawley
Republic 104 Robinson Road Imperial, CA
Saturday 8am-11:45am, except holidays
Cost: Free pass, 4 tons  year, bring water bill and ID with matching address non-customer $56.70 a ton fee
Curbside: residential-up to once a week. Bulky item pickup no charge one item per week, or multiple items per pick up once a month up to four items in a month.