Whenever possible, avoid contact with honey bees and never disturb a bee nest or swarm.Because honey bee colonies are found throughout Imperial County it is important to learn about the habits of honey bees, common nesting sites, general precautions that you can take, how to bee-proof your home, and what to do if you are stung.

The feral honey bees are extremely protective of their nest and brood. Stay a safe distance from the nest. The USDA recommends at least 100 feet, or the width of a four-lane highway, is a MINIMUM SAFE distance. The best advice is that if you encounter a bee nest, start moving away and immediately call the BEE HOTLINE for professional assistance

Report a honey bee swarm or nest

To report a honey bee swarm or nest, contact the BEE HOTLINE: (760) 336-2252


Please note

Do not attempt to destroy a nest of bees yourself –by doing so, you could provoke a stinging attack! have nests destroyed as soon as possible before the bees attack someone!

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Dragons Exterminator (800) 870-8850
Desert Web (760) 592-8471
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