The State Water Resources Control Board has delegated the Imperial County Public Health Department, Division of Environmental Health, as the Local Primacy Agency (LPA). The LPA is responsible for enforcement of the California Safe Drinking Water Act, which includes the enforcement of state laws and regulations pertaining to the permitting, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of small public water systems with less than 200 service connections within Imperial County.

There are a three different classifications of public water systems; community water systems, transient water systems, and non-transient non-community water systems. The extent and frequency of water quality monitoring required will depend, among other things, upon its classification, location, and source of supply (groundwater or surface water). The goal of the LPA program is to ensure that the water delivered by public water systems shall at all times be pure, wholesome, and potable. This is accomplished through the permitting, monitoring, and inspection of small public water systems within the LPA program.

Permitting of new water well construction, reconstruction of existing wells, and destruction of abandoned wells within Imperial County is regulated by the County Planning and Development Department.

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