Lost and Found

If your pet is lost:

If you have lost your pet, here are some tips to help getg your pet home safe and as soon as possible. 

  1. Visit the County Animal Care shelter

It is important that pet owners, whom suspect that their pet maybe lost, visit the County Animal Care Shelter at 1329 S. Sperber Rd., El Centro, CA 92243. Upon arrival to the shelter, request a viewing of all stray animals; including those that are being held in the observation ward, medical area, or private veterinary hospital.

  1. Visit the County Animal Care shelter more than once

It is possible that you animal has not been picked up by Animal Control staff. It may take day or weeks for your pet to appear in the shelter. By visiting the shelter daily you are able ensure you pet makes it home safely as soon as possible.

  1. Check other local animal control agencies, in case your pet has wandered into another jurisdiction.

City of Brawley- (760) 334-5800 ext. 10

      City of Calexico- (760) 768-1861

      City of El Centro- (760) 352-2111

 City of Calipatria- (760) 348-2211 & (760) 348-4141      

      City of Holtville- (760) 356-2912, (760) 356-3185 or (760) 356-1863

      City of Imperial- (760) 355-4327

      City of Westmorland- (760) 344-3457

  1. Post and Distribute Flyers

      Include your pet’s photo and description, the date and location where lost, and your address and                            phone number. Post flyers in the neighborhood and utilize ads in local newspapers, internet, and social                networking sites to spread the word.

  1. Keep Looking!

Many well-intentioned people do not know it is unlawful to keep a stray animal in their home and will not immediately take a lost pet to an animal shelter. It is common for individuals and families to keep stray animals in their home for several weeks hoping to find the owner on their own.

If you find a lost animal, here are some recommendations to ensure a lost pet is returned to its owner:

  • Proceed with caution when handling a stray or unknown animal. Lost pets often become frightened and could bite or scratch, causing injury to you or others. If you cannot safely handle the animal, call the Imperial County Animal Care and Control Unit at (442) 265-2655
  • Take the animal to the local animal shelter in your jurisdiction. This is the best place for a lost pet and increases the likelihood that it will be reunited with its owner. Each shelter will scan animals for a microchip and will have the animal readily available if the owner claims it. In addition, the Animal Care and Control staff will ensure the animal receives appropriate care.  
  • Place “Found” fliers where the animal was found. Utilize ads in local newspapers, internet, and social networking sites.
  • Foward pictures and descriptions of lost and found pets so that they can be posted on the Animal Care and Control website.

If you are thinking about bringing a pet to our animal shelter:

Surrendering your pet to the Imperial County Animal Care and Control program should be a last resort. It is strongly encouraged that all other options are explored prior to surrendering a pet.

Animals surrendered by their owners will be kept a minimum of five days, not including the day of impoundment. After the fifth day, the Imperial County becomes the owner of the animal. Owners surrendering their pets to the Imperial County Animal Care and Control program can assist in the successful adoption of that pet by providing as much information about the pet as possible. Information regarding the pet such as; physical needs, personality, temperament, medical history, housebroken status, and tolerance of other animal and children, can assist in ensuring the animal is placed in the most suitable home.

To report a lost or found animal, send an email with the animal’s description, location found/lost, contact information, and a photo to the following address:


(442) 265-2655