Point of Entry Project

Point of Entry Project

The Imperial County Environmental Health Division (EHD), in collaboration with our partners, are proud to continue the successful Point of Entry (POE) project for Imperial Valley residents to improve access to safer water. The POE system, a comprehensive solution for water filtration and disinfection, treats all water entering a home. Income qualifying residents who depend on untreated water may be eligible to receive a POE system installed and maintained at no cost during the project. This initiative has evolved beyond its pilot phase and demonstrates a commitment to safer water for our community.

To date, this program has achieved the following milestones:

  • Successfully installed a total of 46 POE systems across all program phases.
  • Conducted over 800 site visits and water quality samples.
  • Treated over 4.3 million gallons of water across all program phases.
  • Over 74% turbidity removal on average across all program phases.

Our Local Water Source 

Hundreds of Imperial Valley residents rely on the untreated water that comes into homes from the canal system maintained by IID. This water is likely to contain high bacteria counts and possible contaminants. To improve the water quality in these homes the POE project is committed to improving you water from harmful bacteria and contaminants.

For more information or if you believe you qualify:

Please contact our office at (442) 265-1888, or email us at ICPHD-POEProgram@co.imperial.ca.us


(442) 265-1888
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