Public Water Systems

How to determine if your facility is a public water system:

A public water system is needed for your facility, project, or business if…

It regularly provides water to at least 25 individuals at least 60 days out of the year or has 15 or more service connections (even if a supplemental drinking water supply such as bottled water is provided). The provision of water for human consumption is defined to include: hand washing, cooking, dishwashing, bathing, or drinking.

  • Public water systems with 25 or more people usually include schools, restaurants, commercial or industrial facilities, agribusinesses, churches, RV parks, and campgrounds.
  • Public water systems with 15 or more service connections usually include mobile home parks, residential subdivisions, or small communities.

Once it is determined that your facility needs a public water system and you have identified the proposed water supply and type of system (see Permit Classifications), an application and water system design will need to be submitted to the Imperial County Division of Environmental Health (LPA) in order to begin the permitting process (see Permit Requirements).

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