All residential/domestic water supplies must meet safe drinking water standards of Title 22, California Code of Regulations, and other specific requirements in California Health and Safety Code or local ordinance. If the applicant is proposing to utilize groundwater as the source of their domestic water, individual wells will be required to meet California Well Standards for a domestic water well and be constructed by a California licensed (C-57) well driller. If the applicant is utilizing a surface water supply, a private onsite water storage cistern and point-of-entry system consisting of filtration and disinfection treatment must be incorporated into the building plans and site layout design. Bulk hauled water may be used for supplemental drinking water; however, it is not considered to be a reliable supply of water for residential developments.

Prior to issuance of the residential occupancy permit, the owner is required to have the source water analyzed for inorganic chemicals, bacteriological quality, radionuclides, general mineral, and general physical characteristics. If the sample results are below the maximum contaminant levels for safe drinking water, the water source is approved for use. If the sample results exceed the maximum contaminant levels, additional treatment would be required prior to issuance of the occupancy permit.

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