Animal Care and Control

The Animal Care and Control Program (ACCP) services the unincorporated areas of Imperial County, including the townsites of Heber, Seeley, Palo Verde, Bard, Winterhaven, Niland Bombay Beach, Desert Shores, Salton Sea Beach, Vista Del Mar, Salton City, Nomirage, and Ocotillo.

ACCP covers more than 4,050 square miles of towns, desert areas, and agricultural lands. ACCP provides animal control and rescue services in our service areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The animal care shelter offers a wide variety of potential pets for you to adopt. Most of our animals are either strays or pets turned in by owners who are no longer able to keep them. The many benefits of adopting from the County animal care shelter include low‑cost spaying/neutering and veterinary checkup, the peace of mind knowing that your new pet has received its initial vaccinations against contagious diseases, and the satisfaction of having saved the life of a shelter animal.

In addition to patrolling busy streets, back roads for lost, injured, and abandoned animals, our animal control officers also conduct humane investigations when animal cruelty is suspected, provide emergency rescues during natural disasters, enforce all State and local animal control laws, conduct animal licensing inspections.